Top 10 Restaurants of Australia

Number 6 - Sepia

Cuisine: French/Japanese
Location: Sydney, NSW

Number 9 in our list of the top ten restaurants of Australia is Neil Perry's Rockpool. Turning 21 years old this year Rockpool represents an iconic fine dining destination of Australia. With Neil Perry busy running the rest of the Rockpool Group's food empire the restaurant has fallen from recent heights where it was in the World's Top 50 Restaurant list from 2002 through to 2008 and once had 3 hat status in the SMH Good Food Guide.

Showcasing high quality Australian produce that is ethically and sustainably sourced, with a focus on seafood and beef, the menu contains many Asian influenced ingredients and textures that are combined true to Neil Perry's philosophy of “balance and harmony”. Highly professional service ensures Rockpool will continue to be a mainstay amongst Australia's best restaurants.

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